Everything Else: Stories from Rural America is an ongoing project that aims to amplify local voices in some of the most persistently impoverished places in the United States. The people and organizations highlighted are deeply embedded in the rural places where they live. Each story shows how they work every day to make the places they call home livable and more equitable. You’ll find that – in the face of persistent impoverishment – resilience is the norm.

At Partners for Rural Transformation (PRT), we believe those with lived knowledge of a place often have a keen understanding of how to make lasting change in their communities. So we’re sharing stories of everyday action and collaboration to disrupt dominant narratives, reframe political discourses that drive public policy, and reconfigure notions that render rural places too “risky” for private and philanthropic investment.

Through an ethnographic approach, these stories were produced from the ground up. With local organizations, we identified individuals willing to record and share their stories with the wider world. They’ve bared their souls and invited us into their lives. They deserve our attention, so please share widely!

Funded in part by the Gates Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & Google.org Charitable Giving